Undergraduate Awards, Honor Student Recipients & Certificates


Bzdak Award:

Cecilia Huang


Quigley Award:

Sebastian LaBarbera

Catriona McCormack


 Art History Honors Students:

Aarti Badami, advised by Tamara Sears

Lexis Horvath, advised by Susan Sidlauskas

Anthony Ortega, advised by John Kenfield


Historic Preservation Certificate:

Chan, Christopher



Bzdak Award:

Peter Shamah


Quigley Award:

Kat Lydon

Brittany Gibson


 Art History Honors Students:

Samantha Guzman, advised by Carla Yanni 

Diego Atehortúa, advised by Tatiana Flores

Austin Losado, advised by Andrés Zervigón

Yixin Gong, advised by Andrés Zervigón

Emily Evrard, advised by Jane Sharp



Bzdak Award:

Rigel Janette


Quigley Award:

Mary Fam

Janki Patel


Art History Honors Students:

Elijah Reiss, advised by Carla Yanni

Julia Hernandez, advised by Jane Sharp



Bzdak Award:

Brittany Gibson


 Quigley Award:

Gabriella Shypula

Louise LoBello


 Art History Honors Students:

Jennifer Boggs, advised by John Kenfield

Laura Leichtman, advised by Carla Yanni



Bzdak Award

Laura Leichtman


Quigley Award

 Leeza Cinar


Art History Honors Students

Micayla Bransfield, advised by John Kenfield

Nicolas Holt, advised by Andrés Zervigón

Ulker Seef Piker, advised by Archer St. Clair Harvey

Lizmairy Manana, advised by Joan Marter



Bzdak Award:

Monika Patel


Quigley Award:

Diana Friedman

Emily Pfister


 Art History Honors Students:

Grace Chi – adviser, Tatiana Flores
Yarden Elias – adviser, Susan Sidlauskas
Patrick Gora – adviser, John Kenfield
Chelsie Guner – adviser, John Kenfield
Dianna Shypailo – adviser, Sarah McHam
Sarah Stuby – adviser, Erik Thunø – Henry Rutgers Scholar Award



Bzdak Award:

Molly Bandeh


Quigley Award:

Grace Chi
Sarah Stuby


 Art History Honors Students

Jacob Eisensmith - adviser: Laura Weigert
Christine McManemin - adviser: Sarah Brett-Smith
Marlana Moore - adviser: Carla Yanni.
Felicia Siegel - adviser: Florence Quideau.
Alycia So - adviser, Tod Marder.
Kelly Sweeney - adviser: Katharine Woodhouse-Beyer.



Bzdak Award

Jacob Eisensmith

Quigley Award

Marlana Moore
Sarah Buccarelli


 Art History Honors Students

Erica Back
Chelsea Callahan-Mendelsohn
Yael Gabbay
Alyson Goldman
Tonia Jagodnik
Lavina Jethani
Kasia Kieca
Erin Sweeney

Henry Rutgers Scholars:  Kasia Kieca and Ashley Park

Phi Beta Kappa:  Yael Gabbay, Erin Sweeney

Future Plans

Erica Back will attend Sotheby’s Institute of Art 2012-2013, pursuing a Master’s degree in Art Business and will intern at the Counsels office at the Metropolitan Museum for the summer of 2012.

Alyson Goldman will be attending the MA program in Arts Administration at Columbia Univ.

Stacey Hecht will be attending NYU Visual Art Administration Master’s program

Lavina Jethani will be attending medical school at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn, NY.

Ashley Park received a Fulbright to Korea will she will teach English.

Alexandra Tarantino received a University Graduate Scholars Award to attend the University of Delaware for the Master’s program in Historic Preservation.

Lillyan Ling (art history minor) received a Fulbright to Romania.

Recent BA alum:

Cathrin Gordon (BA, 2011) will be attending the Phd program at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champagne.



Bzdak Award

Kathleen Irwin

Quigley Award

Chelsea Callahan-Mendelsohn

 Art History Honors Students

Cathrin Gordon
Kathleen Irwin
Larissa Klien
Cassandra Powell

Henry Rutgers Thesis awards :  Cathrine Gordon and Kathleen Irwin

HP Certificates: 

Hsiu-Tzu Chang
Gabrielle Francesco
Kathleen Irwin
Lisa Michaloski
Mary Paulyshun
Steve Rocha
Lisa Rooney


Bzdak Award

Melissa Casielles

Quigley Award

Tara Mishkovsky
Matthew Cortland

 Art History Honors Students

Aneta Biesiadecka
Kelsey Foy
Mary Greene
Mary Kathryn Hunter
Aubrey McCauley
Kishan Mistry

The honors leaders were Hilary Haakenson and Hilary Haakenson


Bzdak Award

Marisa Muller

Quigley Award

Kishan Mistry
Aneta Biesiadecka .

Art History Honors Students

Sarah Filik
Veronica Man
Sakina Namazi
Tae Richmond
Kimberly Roode
Runxiao Zhu

The honors leaders were Kim Sels and Olivia Gruber Florek


Bzdak Award

Dorothea Lewis

Quigley Award

Sarah Filik
Nina Khachiyan .

Art History Honors Students

Stephanie Biron
Sarah Dziamba
Jana Gojdosova
Grace Paik
Lauren Rotella
Rachel Newman

The honors leaders were Susannah Fisher and Ricki Sablove


Bzdak Award
Jessica Marino was the winner of the Bzdak Award for study in Milan.

Quigley Award
The Patrick J. Quigley IV Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Monvan Hu and Andrea Bachynsky.

Art History Honors Students

Alison Bauman
Katie Blouse
Andromeda Huff
Ajanta Jonnalagadda
Anna Khachiyan
Daniel Palmer
Alisa Stanislaw
Seth Tipton

Thanks to the honors leaders – Lisa West and Patrick Coleman


Quigley Award
This year’s recipients of the Patrick J. Quigley memorial scholarship are Anna Khachiyan and Kerensa Wood.

Bzdak Award
Daniel Palmer is the winner of the Bzdak award for study in Milan.

Art History Honors Students:

Noelle Marchetta
Jamie Sanecki
Amanda Smith
Candice Yates
Douglass College has awarded Jamie Sanecki a prize for an "outstanding" honors thesis.

Thanks to our honors leaders – Karen Lloyd and Diana Bramham

Undergraduate accomplishments:

Sarah Beetham was accepted to University of Delaware’s graduate program in Art History.

Cristina Toma has been accepted to UCLA to study architecture.


Quigley Award winners:
Jamie Sanecki
Olga Henkin

Honors Students:

Sarah Beetham – Highest Honors (Also Henry Rutgers)
Michele Glosup – High Honors
Tracey Sperling – High Honors
Hannah Thomas – Honors (Also Mabel Douglass)
Jennie Woo – High Honors

Thanks to the Honors leaders, Sascha Scott and Katie Poole.

Phi Beta Kappa:

Julia Afanassieva
Olga Gonzalez
Julie Hoeskstra
Gabriela Moya
Jamie Sanecki (nominated in her junior year)
Hannah Thomas
Blaire Walsh

See the Honors Presentation page for Honors before 2005

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