Undergraduate Awards, Honor Student Recipients & Certificates

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Patrick Quigley Award

Jacqueline Giz

Nathaniel Valenza

Bzdak Award

Nathaniel Valenza

Note: The Bzdak Award was not given in out in 2020 or 2021 due to travel restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

2022: Certificate in Architectural Studies

Hai Yun (Helen) Gao


Patrick Quigley Award:

Hai Yun (Helen) Gao

Sundia Nwadiozor 



Patrick Quigley Award:

Victoria Nagy

Jordan Woods


 Art History Honors Students:

Sarah Williams advised by Amber Wiley

Yamile Rios advised by Amber Wiley

Divya Parikh advised by Susan Sidlauskas

Grace Pinnella advised by Sarah Blake McHam

Danielle Im advised by Andres Zervigon and Haruko Wakabayashi



Bzdak Award:

Cecilia Huang


Quigley Award:

Sebastian LaBarbera

Catriona McCormack


 Art History Honors Students:

Aarti Badami, advised by Tamara Sears

Lexis Horvath, advised by Susan Sidlauskas

Anthony Ortega, advised by John Kenfield


Historic Preservation Certificate:

Chan, Christopher



Bzdak Award:

Peter Shamah


Quigley Award:

Kat Lydon

Brittany Gibson


 Art History Honors Students:

Samantha Guzman, advised by Carla Yanni 

Diego Atehortúa, advised by Tatiana Flores

Austin Losado, advised by Andrés Zervigón

Yixin Gong, advised by Andrés Zervigón

Emily Evrard, advised by Jane Sharp



Bzdak Award:

Rigel Janette


Quigley Award:

Mary Fam

Janki Patel


Art History Honors Students:

Elijah Reiss, advised by Carla Yanni

Julia Hernandez, advised by Jane Sharp



Bzdak Award:

Brittany Gibson


 Quigley Award:

Gabriella Shypula

Louise LoBello


 Art History Honors Students:

Jennifer Boggs, advised by John Kenfield

Laura Leichtman, advised by Carla Yanni


Undergraduate Awards 2005-2015


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