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The study of cultural heritage and preservation has been concerned with the management of material change over time, but a recognition of diverse definitions and practices for cultural heritage and its preservation means our focus today also includes the study of changing contexts, relationships, scales, and values.

Crossing boundaries between the humanities and social sciences and based in the Department of Art History, CHAPS provides a unique opportunity in the USA to study cultural heritage and preservation issues and practices within local, national, and global contexts.

We offer undergraduate and graduate Certificates in Historic Preservation in collaboration with the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, a Master of Arts degree in Art History with a concentration in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies, a MA/JD dual degree in collaboration with the Rutgers Law School and a Ph.D. in Art History with a concentration in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies.  The most recent added degree program is our B.A./M.A. Co-terminal Degree.

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CHAPS_Rutgers Cultural Heritage Now! Mirjam Brusius talking at Rutgers today: @Misabru pic.twitter.com/cCFzHOjuYS


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