Dual M.A./J.D.

The School of Law at Newark and Camden and CHAPS offer a dual degree designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in law and cultural heritage and preservation studies. This four-year program leads to a dual M.A./J.D. degree.

The program is targeted to future lawyers, but also students pursuing careers in cultural heritage and preservation studies within governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as in cultural and public service institutions. This program includes two and one-half years at the Newark or Camden Campus studying Law and one and one-half years at the New Brunswick Campus studying Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies. Students who take advantage of summer offerings in both fields could reasonably finish the dual program in less time.


CHAPS will accept 9 credits from the Law School towards the CHAPS track M.A..

The Law School will accept 9 credits from CHAPS towards the J.D. degree:

  • Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (3 credits)
  • Methods in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (3 credits)
  • One CHAPS elective (3 credits)

In order to complete the Dual M.A./J.D. requirements, students complete 12 more credits in CHAPS:

  • Two Internships in CHAPS (6 credits)
  • Two Research in CHAPS over two semesters (6 credits)


Students must apply to and be accepted for both programs, and traditionally begin their studies at the Law School.

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) will be accepted in place of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

CHAPS Application: The School of Graduate Studies website.

J.D. Application: Rutgers School of Law website.