The M.A. in Art History with a concentration in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies is a two-year degree program that emphasizes the development of a broad understanding of heritage contexts and policies along with development of professional skills. It is open as a stand-alone program to students with a bachelor degree or its equivalent. The program welcomes application from interested students in a variety of majors. Students currently enrolled in graduate programs and wishing to pursue cultural heritage issues as a complementary field, are also welcome to apply. 

A major focus in this track is practical professional experiences, which includes internship or fieldwork experience with an appropriate cultural institution, firm, or governmental agency. Opportunities are available at local, national and international levels, and reflect the student's area of focus, which is determined at the end of the first year. Areas of focus might include: Architectural Preservation; Landscape and Site Preservation; Collections Management, Cultural Resources Preservation/Management; Museum/Heritage Management, Policy and Ethics. A Master's thesis demonstrating the student's ability to design and carry out a research project of significance to cultural heritage preservation is required for completion of the degree.

Program Requirements:

Three required courses (9 credits)

  • Foundations in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies
  • Methods in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies
  • Topics in Contemporaneity

Three approved electives (9 credits) 

Internship/Field Work Component (6 credits)

  • The internship requirement can be met through the completion of two internships of 80 contact hours (3 credits) each, or a longer internship of 160 contact hours (6 credits).  One internship can be replaced by a substitute elective or, under exceptional circumstances, Directed/Independent Studies, pending approval of the Director of CHAPS.

Thesis Project (6 credits)

  • During "Research in CHAPS" (one course taken the fall semester and one course taken in the spring semester of second year), students work towards and complete an M.A. thesis of approximately 50 pages.  

Application Process

Applicants must complete and submit the online application form available on the School of Graduate Studies' website. Please note that the GRE is no longer required for this program.

All applications are processed online through the Graduate Admission website:  All applicants must complete and/or submit the following materials online:

  • Online application form
  • Application fee
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • All official transcripts (undergraduate and graduate level, if applicable)
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS score (for international applicants)

Applicants must include a statement of purpose addressing their academic background and their professional goals as they relate to the CHAPS program.  This statement should address the applicant's academic background and professional goals as they relate to CHAPS and ways in which the program may provide the specific intellectual and practical training that is needed.  Please specify geographic, time period, and topical interests.

The writing sample should represent the applicant's specific area or field of interest.  It can be a paper prepared for a class or a published article of report.

The letters of recommendation should come from former professors or professionals who can best speak to the applicant's abilities and potential promise for doing innovative research and/or advancing within a relevant profession.

At present, financial support in the form of fellowships, teaching assistantships, or grants is not available.

Deadline for Fall admission: January 10th