Bzdak Travel Award for Study in Milan


PURPOSE: This annual award is established by Drs. Michael J. and Meredith Arms Bzdak to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students for the study and/or research of Art History in Milan, Italy. The purpose of the travel award is to acquaint students with both the rich early Christian and Renaissance art and architecture of Milan as well as the city as a contemporary capital of design, style and fashion. In some cases, study in Rome may be supported.

CRITERIA: The Bzdak Travel Award for Study in Milan (or Rome) shall be awarded to a full-time undergraduate junior or senior majoring in Art History at Rutgers-New Brunswick. Examples of qualified students include undergraduates who will be undertaking a senior-year Art History honors thesis that focuses on Italian art, contemporary design, or architecture and wish to travel to Italy to undertake research; students who are planning to pursue a M.A. or Ph.D. in Art History and wish to informally study in Milan or Rome to further their knowledge of Italian art; and/or students who are participating in a study abroad program that does not go to Milan and want to use Bzdak Travel Award monies to travel to this city. The a) award amount is approximately $2,900 and b) monies may not be used to offset expenses associated with a formal study abroad program in Milan.

SELECTION PROCEDURE: Selection will be made by a committee advisory to the undergraduate program director. Only one award may be given each year, based on the availability of funds.

HOW TO APPLY: The application consists of 4 parts
1) Cover sheet listing your name, major(s), minor(s), GPA, and class year. 
2) Un-Official Transcript
3) Research Statement: a statement of research plan and goals, not to exceed 1000 words. 
4) Recommendation: one letter of recommendation. This letter may be delivered to the Undergraduate Director via email.  

Parts 1, 2 and 3 should be combined into a single PDF and submitted to the Undergraduate Program Director via email. 

DEADLINE: usually in March (2019 - the Deadline is March 15, 2019 at 5PM.

General Inquiries

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Laura Weigert, Chair

Carla Yanni, Undergraduate Program Director 

Tamara Sears, Graduate Program Director

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