Welcome to the Architectural Studies Certificate!


In collaboration with
the Department of Landscape Architecture, SEBS

The certificate is for Art History Majors and Minors only. If you are not an Art History Major or Minor, click here to learn about the Architectural Studies Minor.

The certificate is available to current undergraduates at Rutgers-New Brunswick. 

This certificate will serve as an interdisciplinary introduction to the historical, social, and artistic study of architecture. The certificate in Architectural Studies will combine required coursework in art history and landscape architecture, allowing students to better understand the form and meaning of the built environment. The curriculum (15 credits) begins with three foundational courses in architectural design, contemporary architecture, and the history of western architecture. Electives may be selected from a wide variety of disciplines. Click here for the elective list.

For more information contact Professor Carla Yanni This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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