M.A. Degrees


Boutillier, Erin, "Ownerless Artworks: An Analysis of the Musée du Louvre's Unpossessed Possessions" - Susan Sidlauskas

Prajapati, Suyog, "Naka Bahi's Narrative Frieze: Bridging Monasticism and Ritualism in a Nepali Buddhi" - Sarah McHam

Webb, Kira, "Richard Dadd: The Portraits from Bethlehem" - Susan Sidlauskas


Bartolome-Thai, Ramona Isabel, "Victoria Imperatrix: Monuments, Identity, and Imperialism In the British Raj" - Tamara Sears

Rogulina, Anna, "From Totality to Emptiness: Ivan Chuikov's Panorama Series in Context" - Jane Sharp

Zachara, Madelyn, "Scenes of Backdoorness: Examining the Liminality of Exterior Spaces in Three Works by Eastman Johnson" - Tamara Sears


Argila, Kaitlyn

Bartow-Winstel, Alyssa A.

Fernandez, Mary Margaret, "Women Artists and Nationalism: Nineteenth-Century Mexico and the United States" - Tatiana Flores

Hamman, Jessica L.,  "Mona in the Round: Leonardo’s Virtual Realization of the Third Mona Lisa by Misinformed Euclidean Geometry and Optical Distortion" - Sarah McHam

Levinsohn, James

Raborn, Dillon C.

Yin, Xiaojian


Jarvis, Betty Lind

Sun, Tianyi


Punj, Nandita, "Jain Manuscript Painting Tradition and the Salibhadra Carita" - Sarah Brett-Smith

Spencer, Emily, "The Body in the Veil" 


Bratichak, Meaghan, “The Female Body of Christ: Reinterpreting Sabastiano del Piombo’s Maryrdom of Saint Agatha”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Fitterer, Erin, “al-Zahrawi’s Surgical Treatise and Issues of Copying”, adviser – Laura Weigert

Marples, Kirsten, “Darwin’s Dandy: The Peacock in the Aesthetic Movement”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Martynyuk, Olena, “Medical Hermeneutics’ Collages and their Illustrative Methodologies”, adviser – Jane Sharp

Munoz, Elena, “The Significance of Yemayá and the Black Madonna in 19th Century Cuba”, adviser – Sarah Brett-Smith

Van Denend, Alison, “Fox Women: Mimcry and Authenticity in the Prints of Helen Hyde and Bertha Lum”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas 


Eldredge, Benjamin, “Framing Poussin's Roads: Landscape Painting and the Experience of Baroque Rome”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Jason-Mathews, Alexis, “The City and the Body: Illustration of the victims and Environment of ‘Jack the Ripper’”, adviser – Carla Yanni

Nour-Elsayed, Alia, “Egypt through the lens of Pascal Sebah's Commercial Photographs 1860s-1880s”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Scruggs, Andrew, “Nan Goldin's Aesthetic of "Intimacy" and the Ruins of Postmodernism”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Yuen, Melissa, “The Paradox of Presence: The Gwalior Gateway and the Changing Perception of British Imperialism”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas 


Berkowitz, Sara, “Bodies of Disaster: Anxiety in Venetian Art during the War of the League of Cambrai”, adviser – Benjamin Paul

Connelly, Shannon, “Flesh and Bones: Rethinking Grüewald's Isenheim Altarpiece (1512-16) After World War I”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Cooper, Allison, “American Art Becomes Art of the Americas”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Ferraro, Seraphina, “No Pure Descent: The West african Lineage of Haitian Vodoo”, adviser – Tatiana Flores

Fleming, Natalie, “Function Face-Off: The Battle Between Meaning and the Market in Carleton Watkins' Photography”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Haakenson, Hilary, “Norman Lewis: Rhythm and Self-Representation”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

Kupiec, Catherine, “A Scientific Poetry of Love: Alessandro Allori's Portrait of Bianca Cappello”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Leigh, Allison, “Empathy and Edouard Manet's 'A Bar at the Folies-Bergere': Feeling for Connection”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Mandravelis, Stephen, “Devotion to Decoration: The Evoluation of Christian Imagery in Currier & Ives”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Manning, Mary, “Stilled Life: Manet's Late Paintings and Suicide in the Nineteenth Century”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Maye, Kira, “An "Aderente Al Carvaggio"?  Carlo Saraceni, Caravaggism, and Santa Maria Dell'anima in Rome”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Scott, Mary Kate, “Sprial Jetties”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Solu, San, “Defining the Body: A Study of Female Portrait Statue Types at Aphrodisias in Relation to the Roman Empire”, adviser – John Kenfield

Sullivan, Kathleen, “Picturing Contemplation: Titian's St. Nicholas Altarpiece”, adviser – Benjamin Paul

Weyl, Christina, “Lynd Ward's Novels in Woodcuts: The Cinematic Subtext”, adviser – Joan Marter


Brueckner, Ellen, “Affected Photogarphy: Carrie Mae Weems Captures the work of Race Science”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

DeLosSantos, Jenevieve, “Classical Greece and the Nazi Camera: The Case of Leni Riefenstahl’s ‘Olympia’”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

DeNiro, Michael, “The Dream of nebuchadnessar and Pictorial narrative in the Munich Psalter”, adviser – Erik Thunø

Graham, Brenna, “In the Hands of the Saint: Taddeo de Bartolo’s Saint Germinianus and Scenes from his Life”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Radway, Robyn, “Representing the Chirsitians of Ottoman Europe: Self, Other, and the In-Between in Sixteenth-Century Costume Books”, adviser – Tarek Kahlaoui

Shannon, Heather, “Hayden's Folly: Geology, Ethnology, and Photography During the Modoc War (1872-1873)” adviser – Tanya Sheehan 


Arroyo, Alexa, “Francesco Guarino’s St. Agatha: A Case of Sacred Profanity”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Feest, Rebecca, “The Fourth Century CE Basilica of Junius Bassus: Interpretations of its Opus Sectile Wall Decorations”, adviser – John Kenfield

Fisher, Kimberly, “The Material ‘Other’: Frederick Bridgman’s Humanizing Portrayal of Eastern Women”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

Jacob, Cynthia, “The Joshua Casket: Real and Imagined”, adviser – Erik Thunø

Kim, Sue Heun, “The ‘Real’ in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Once Upon A Time, Cinema “, adviser – Tarek Kahlaoui

Margerm, Pamela, “The Political Associations of the Snow Madonna in Fifteenth-Century Florence”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Moryan, Colette, “To die Nobly: An Iconographical Study of the Suicide of Ajax”, adviser – John Kenfield

Nayyar, Reshma, “’Semper Victor, Semper Augustus’:  Imperial Triumph and Presence on the Base of the Obelisk of Theodosius”, adviser – Archer St. Clair Harvey

Obzejta, Colette, “The Architecture of Civil War Hospitals in Philadelphia”, adviser – Carla Yanni

Roth, Faigie, “Judy Chicago’s Birth Project “, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Simonelli, Jennifer, “The Bitter Taste of My Sweet Lord and ‘Other’ Representations of Jesus Christ”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Venizelos, Alexandra, “The Comedies of Terence: Albrecht Dürer and the Concept of Theater”, adviser – Laura Weigert


Florek, Olivia, “’I am a Slave to my Hair’: Empress Elisabeth, Fetishism, and 19th Century Female Portraiture”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Lu, Haimo, “Opting for Change: Style of the Northern Zhou Buddhist Sculptures”, adviser – Angela Howard

Urban, Emily, “The Drogo Sacramentary: A Testament to the Superiority of the Word and an Exemplum of the Carolingian Mass Book", adviser – Erik Thunø