M.A. Degrees



Rogulina, Anna, "From Totality to Emptiness: Ivan Chuikov's Panorama Series in Context" 

Zachara, Madelyn



Argila, Kaitlyn

Bartow-Winstel, Alyssa A.

Fernandez, Mary Margaret, "Women Artists and Nationalism: Nineteenth-Century Mexico and the United States" - Tatiana Flores

Hamman, Jessica L.,  "Mona in the Round: Leonardo’s Virtual Realization of the Third Mona Lisa by Misinformed Euclidean Geometry and Optical Distortion" - Sarah McHam

Levinsohn, James

Raborn, Dillon C.

Yin, Xiaojian



Jarvis, Betty Lind

Sun, Tianyi



Punj, Nandita, "Jain Manuscript Painting Tradition and the Salibhadra Carita"

Spencer, Emily, "The Body in the Veil"



Bratichak, Meaghan, “The Female Body of Christ: Reinterpreting Sabastiano del Piombo’s Maryrdom of Saint Agatha”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Fitterer, Erin, “al-Zahrawi’s Surgical Treatise and Issues of Copying”, adviser – Laura Weigert

Marples, Kirsten, “Darwin’s Dandy: The Peacock in the Aesthetic Movement”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Martynyuk, Olena, “Medical Hermeneutics’ Collages and their Illustrative Methodologies”, adviser – Jane Sharp

Munoz, Elena, “The Significance of Yemayá and the Black Madonna in 19th Century Cuba”, adviser – Sarah Brett-Smith

Van Denend, Alison, “Fox Women: Mimcry and Authenticity in the Prints of Helen Hyde and Bertha Lum”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas



Eldredge, Benjamin, “Framing Poussin's Roads: Landscape Painting and the Experience of Baroque Rome”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Jason-Mathews, Alexis, “The City and the Body: Illustration of the victims and Environment of ‘Jack the Ripper’”, adviser – Carla Yanni

Nour-Elsayed, Alia, “Egypt through the lens of Pascal Sebah's Commercial Photographs 1860s-1880s”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Scruggs, Andrew, “Nan Goldin's Aesthetic of "Intimacy" and the Ruins of Postmodernism”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Yuen, Melissa, “The Paradox of Presence: The Gwalior Gateway and the Changing Perception of British Imperialism”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas



Berkowitz, Sara, “Bodies of Disaster: Anxiety in Venetian Art during the War of the League of Cambrai”, adviser – Benjamin Paul

Connelly, Shannon, “Flesh and Bones: Rethinking Grüewald's Isenheim Altarpiece (1512-16) After World War I”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Cooper, Allison, “American Art Becomes Art of the Americas”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Ferraro, Seraphina, “No Pure Descent: The West african Lineage of Haitian Vodoo”, adviser – Tatiana Flores

Fleming, Natalie, “Function Face-Off: The Battle Between Meaning and the Market in Carleton Watkins' Photography”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Haakenson, Hilary, “Norman Lewis: Rhythm and Self-Representation”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

Kupiec, Catherine, “A Scientific Poetry of Love: Alessandro Allori's Portrait of Bianca Cappello”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Leigh, Allison, “Empathy and Edouard Manet's 'A Bar at the Folies-Bergere': Feeling for Connection”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Mandravelis, Stephen, “Devotion to Decoration: The Evoluation of Christian Imagery in Currier & Ives”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Manning, Mary, “Stilled Life: Manet's Late Paintings and Suicide in the Nineteenth Century”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Maye, Kira, “An "Aderente Al Carvaggio"?  Carlo Saraceni, Caravaggism, and Santa Maria Dell'anima in Rome”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Scott, Mary Kate, “Sprial Jetties”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

Solu, San, “Defining the Body: A Study of Female Portrait Statue Types at Aphrodisias in Relation to the Roman Empire”, adviser – John Kenfield

Sullivan, Kathleen, “Picturing Contemplation: Titian's St. Nicholas Altarpiece”, adviser – Benjamin Paul

Weyl, Christina, “Lynd Ward's Novels in Woodcuts: The Cinematic Subtext”, adviser – Joan Marter



Brueckner, Ellen, “Affected Photogarphy: Carrie Mae Weems Captures the work of Race Science”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

DeLosSantos, Jenevieve, “Classical Greece and the Nazi Camera: The Case of Leni Riefenstahl’s ‘Olympia’”, adviser – Andres Zervigon

DeNiro, Michael, “The Dream of nebuchadnessar and Pictorial narrative in the Munich Psalter”, adviser – Erik Thunø

Graham, Brenna, “In the Hands of the Saint: Taddeo de Bartolo’s Saint Germinianus and Scenes from his Life”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Radway, Robyn, “Representing the Chirsitians of Ottoman Europe: Self, Other, and the In-Between in Sixteenth-Century Costume Books”, adviser – Tarek Kahlaoui

Shannon, Heather, “Hayden's Folly: Geology, Ethnology, and Photography During the Modoc War (1872-1873)” adviser – Tanya Sheehan



Arroyo, Alexa, “Francesco Guarino’s St. Agatha: A Case of Sacred Profanity”, adviser – Catherine Puglisi

Feest, Rebecca, “The Fourth Century CE Basilica of Junius Bassus: Interpretations of its Opus Sectile Wall Decorations”, adviser – John Kenfield

Fisher, Kimberly, “The Material ‘Other’: Frederick Bridgman’s Humanizing Portrayal of Eastern Women”, adviser – Tanya Sheehan

Jacob, Cynthia, “The Joshua Casket: Real and Imagined”, adviser – Erik Thunø

Kim, Sue Heun, “The ‘Real’ in Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Once Upon A Time, Cinema “, adviser – Tarek Kahlaoui

Margerm, Pamela, “The Political Associations of the Snow Madonna in Fifteenth-Century Florence”, adviser – Sarah McHam

Moryan, Colette, “To die Nobly: An Iconographical Study of the Suicide of Ajax”, adviser – John Kenfield

Nayyar, Reshma, “’Semper Victor, Semper Augustus’:  Imperial Triumph and Presence on the Base of the Obelisk of Theodosius”, adviser – Archer St. Clair Harvey

Obzejta, Colette, “The Architecture of Civil War Hospitals in Philadelphia”, adviser – Carla Yanni

Roth, Faigie, “Judy Chicago’s Birth Project “, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Simonelli, Jennifer, “The Bitter Taste of My Sweet Lord and ‘Other’ Representations of Jesus Christ”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Venizelos, Alexandra, “The Comedies of Terence: Albrecht Dürer and the Concept of Theater”, adviser – Laura Weigert



Florek, Olivia, “’I am a Slave to my Hair’: Empress Elisabeth, Fetishism, and 19th Century Female Portraiture”, adviser – Susan Sidlauskas

Lu, Haimo, “Opting for Change: Style of the Northern Zhou Buddhist Sculptures”, adviser – Angela Howard

Urban, Emily, “The Drogo Sacramentary: A Testament to the Superiority of the Word and an Exemplum of the Carolingian Mass Book", adviser – Erik Thunø