Course Title:  01:082:430  Foundations in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies

Academic Credits:  3 credits

 CREDIT NOT GIVE FOR THIS COURSE AND 16:082:530 or 01:506:391.

Mode of Instruction:  Seminar

Course Prerequisites: None

Core Curriculum:  None

Course Description:

This course offers an introductory overview of themes that together construct the idea of cultural heritage and preservation studies. We cover heritage and preservation through a historical perspective as well as through culturally-specific expressions. This course is a required course for all degrees within the Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies program (CHAPS) at Rutgers: the MA concentration in CHAPS, the JD/MA Dual Degree in CHAPS, the PhD concentration in CHAPS, the co-terminal (BA/MA) degree in Art History with a concentration in CHAPS, and the graduate and undergraduate Certificate in Historic Preservation

There are no prerequisites and students from all backgrounds and majors are welcome.

Learning Goals:

  • Become familiar with the foundational concepts that form part of the study of cultural heritage and preservation studies.
  • Examine the various scales and contexts in which heritage and preservation operate, both historically and contemporarily.
  • Develop critical perspectives about entangled disciplines and the communities, histories, politics, and forms of expertise that sustain them.
  • Support the formulation and articulation of students’ own critical thinking of the material covered, introducing them to current research and initiatives in the field.

Required and Recommended Course Materials:

All resources in the syllabus will be made available in Sakai. Additional resources as needed should be
secured through Rutgers libraries.



  • Students are expected to attend all class meetings, participate in class discussions



Fall, 2023: Professor Trinidad Rico

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