Course Title:  -1:082:403  Approaches to Art History

Academic Credits:  3 credits

Mode of Instruction:  Seminar

Course Prerequisites:  01:082:105,106. Recommended for students in their junior year for students planning to write a senior honors thesis.

Core Curriculum: None

Course Description:

An overview of the literature and methods of art history from the Renaissance to the present day, emphasizing close reading and class participation and discussion.

This seminar focuses on basic types of art-historical method. Some meetings concentrate on a single author who exemplifies a particular approach. Others are devoted to important debates concerning conceptual bases of the discipline and/or theoretical models relevant to it. The purpose is to provide students with the basic tools of visual analysis and with an overview of the history of the discipline.

Learning Goals:

Required and Recommended Course Materials:



Active participation in seminars; oral reports on the readings; short presentations, a 20 minute critical presentation on a particular method applied to a work of art of your choice from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. The presentation is the basis of a 10-12 page paper at the end of the semester




Professor Benjamin Paul  Spring, 2021 SYLLABUS

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