Course Title:  01:082:366  Spanish Painting

Academic Credits:  3 credits

Mode of Instruction:  Lecture

Course Prerequisites:  None

Core Curriculum: None

Course Description:

Major Spanish painters from El Greco to Goya.

This course explores art in the Hispanic world from the reign of Isabella and Ferdinand in the early Renaissance to the career of Goya in the Romantic era. Our focus is on major artists (El Greco, Velázquez, Goya), art in Madrid, and other centers (Toledo, Seville), and artistic transmission and exchange among Spain, its overseas dominions, and Northern Europe and Italy. We will analyze sacred and secular imagery in painting and sculpture, and discuss such themes as art and faith, the Spanish Inquisition, Purity of Blood, the status of the artist, Spanish imperialism, and encounters with the indigenous peoples of Latin America.

Learning Goals:

  • Understand and learn the major artistic trends within the historical and cultural context of early modern Spain and the Hispanic World.
  • Be able to identify and characterize the major painters and sculptors of the Spanish artistic tradition.
  • Gain experience in visual analysis of works of art.
  • Strengthen critical, communication and writing skills.

Required and Recommended Course Materials:





  • Class attendance and participation (20%).
    • Responding to questions posed in class. •
    • Being prepared to discuss reading assignments posted in Canvas. You can expect to be called on in class, so it is essential to be prepared. •
    • Along with a partner, acting as discussion leader for one of the reading assignments during the semester. 
  • Two Quizzes (20%). Instead of a midterm, we will have two quizzes, each worth 10% of your final grade, which will test understanding of readings and analysis of images.
  • Critical Response Paper (20%). Due on 10/14. 1-2 double-spaced typed pages, about 500 words. This paper consists of a summary and critical analysis of an art historical scholarly essay. Further guidelines will be circulated at the beginning of the semester and we will discuss the assignment in class.
  • Class Presentation (20% of grade): a 10-minute oral presentation with powerpoint of your final research project. Half of the class will present on December 7, and the other half on December 9. We will discuss details in class.
  • Research paper (20%). Due on December 14 at 5pm. 5-7 typed pages. We will discuss details in class.


Professor Catherine Puglisi

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