Grade Point Average

In order to qualify for the M.A. degree, the student must maintain a grade average of at least 2.75 overall, and at least 3.00 in Art History. A student whose average falls below B in any semester will automatically be placed on probation for the following semester, by the end of which the overall average must be raised to B. Failing this, the Graduate Director is obligated to request the Dean of the Graduate School to terminate the student's enrollment in the program. A student who receives a C in any course will similarly be placed on probation for the following semester. Any student receiving more than two (2) Cs overall may be similarly subject to termination review. Higher than a B average is expected from all students to maintain good standing.


M.A. students should not carry more than 2 incompletes at the same time. If a graduate student incurs more than 2 incompletes, they will be asked to take a leave of absence until the incompletes are resolved. Allowances and/or exceptions can be made for students with extenuating situations and/or medical conditions that can be documented through the Office of Disability Studies.