• Mukherjee, Pritha

Pritha Mukherjee is a 4th year PhD Candidate working with Prof Tamara Sears and a Rutgers Presidential Fellow (2019-2024). Her dissertation explores the creation of archaeological collections in South Asia since the twentieth century and their popular reception in the light of recent sociopolitical developments. 

Pritha has a master’s degree in Historical Studies from Nalanda University, India, and a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Presidency University, India. She worked as a field investigator for the Rajgir Archaeological Survey Project (RASP) and has done field surveys across north India and Nepal. Her interest in public history led to her stints with Rajgir Heritage Walk and Immersive Trails Pvt Ltd (Kolkata) as a researcher, developer and walk leader.

Pritha is an editor for Rutgers Art Review Vol 40. She has been the graduate representative for the Executive Board of the South Asian Studies Program (SASP) at Rutgers. She is committed to hosting South Asian artists working across different media to speak with the Rutgers community. In her (not so) free time, Pritha designs posters, feeds her friends, and lives vicariously through everything pop culture.

She will be on fieldwork for the academic year 2022-23.