• Kenfield, John
  • Department: Art History
  • Position: Associate Professor
  • Research Interests: Greek & Roman Art
  • Ph.D., Princeton University
  • Phone: (848) 932-1255
  • Office Hours: In office, Tuesday and Thursdays 3-4:00pm. Please e-mail to schedule a meeting time.
  • Office Location: 60 College Ave, Room 204

Biographical Information:

Professor Kenfield's area of interest is ancient Greek art. Though his publications deal with material ranging from the Geometric through the Middle Byzantine cultural phases, his interests of late have centered on architectural sculpture in terra cotta produced in the Greek colonies in southern Italy and Sicily.

Select Publications:

"High Classical and High Baroque in the Architectural Terra Cottas of Morgantina," Hesperia, suppl. XXVII (Princeton, 1994): 275-81 

"Technical Variety in the Archaic Architectural Terra Cottas of Morgantina," Deliciae Fictiles II (Amsterdam, 1997): 115-20.

Morgantina Studies VI: The Architectural Terra Cottas (Princeton University Press) 


"The Sculptural Significance of Early Greek Armor" Opuscula Romana 9 (1973) 149-156.

"A Modelled Terracotta Frieze from Archaic Morgantina: Its East Greek and Central Italic Affinities" Deliciae Fictiles (Stockholm 1993) 21-28.

Entries on architectural terracottas in Padgett, J.M. (ed.) The Centaur’s Smile: the Human Animal in Early Greek Art (New Haven 2003) no. 45: 220-221; no. 46: 222-224; no. 59:251-253; no. 88: 324-325; no. 89: 326-327. 

 Deliciae Fictiles III: Architectural Terracottas in Ancient Italy: New Discoveries and Interpretations with I. Edlund-Berry and G. Greco (Oxford 2006) pp. xi-xiii (top), xv (bottom)-xix, 22-24 “Dipoinos, Skyllis and an Antefix in Houston. "

“Heaven’s Exarchs: Early Byzantine Archangels and Delegation of Imperial Power” in Anthony Tuck (ed.) KOINE: Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway, (Oxford 2009) pp.54-64.

Longer list of publications


Current Interests & Research:

Greek sculpture with emphasis on the Hellenistic and archaic periods, especially Western Greece or Magna Græcia (Southern Italy and Sicily).

Undergraduate Classes Taught:

Early Greek Art

Later Greek Art

Graduate Classes Taught:

Problems in Ancient Art

  • Short Bio: John Kenfield specializes in ancient Greek Art, and to a lesser extent Roman Art and Byzantine Art as indicated by his articles ranging in date from Late Geometric period through the Archaic period, the Late Classical period, and the Hellenistic period, as well as Imperial Rome and the Early Byzantine Empire. The bulk of Kenfield’s scholarship has concentrated on the architectural sculpture in terracotta produced in the Greek colonies of southern Italy and Sicily, most recently in Deliciae Fictiles III: Architectural Terracottas in Ancient Italy: New Discoveries and Interpretations, with I. Edlund-Berry and Giovanna Greco (Oxford 2006). His monograph publication of the architectural terracottas of Sicilian Morgantina will appear as Morgantina Studies V: the Archaic City, with Carla Antonaccio and Barbara Barletta. Ancient mosaics are another of Kenfield’s abiding scholarly interests as appears in “Mosaics” and “Wall-Paintings” in E.R. Hostetter and T.N. Howe (eds.) The Romano-British Villa at Castle Copse, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire (Bloomington 1997). Kenfield is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome (1976-1977) and a member of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (1965(). He received his doctorate at Princeton University (1972) and his BA in Classics at Brown University.