Architectural Studies Minor

(If you are an Art History Major or Art History Minor, click here to learn about the Architectural Studies Certificate) Please note that Art History Majors and Minors must enroll in the Architectural Studies Certificate, not the Architectural Studies Minor.

The Minor in Architectural Studies consists of six courses (18 credits): 3 required classes and 3 electives

List of Electives, click here

3 Foundational Courses (Required):

Grades of C or better must be earned in all courses used to fulfill the minor or certificate:

  1. One architecture studio housed in Landscape Architecture, SEBS 11:550:133 Architectural Design (3) Offered every fall.
  2. One introduction to controversies and issues in contemporary architecture, housed in the Art History Department, SAS. 01:082:101 an architecture using global examples. Offered every spring.
  3. Art History 105 (History of Western Art, prehistory to 1400) 01:082:105 (F2F and online) Survey of the major monuments and trends in the history of painting, sculpture, and architecture in the west before 1400.