Graduate Students

Joëlla van Donkersgoed

Joëlla van Donkersgoed, Ph.D is a Class of 2020 graduate from Rutgers University Department of Art History: Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies.  Joëlla has a BA and MA in Archaeological Heritage Management from Leiden University (The Netherlands). 

The Banda Islands formed the case study for her dissertation research, in which she explores the physical and intangible fabric that make up this unique cultural landscape. Her research is focused on the current post-colonial landscape of the Banda Islands in the province Moluccas in Indonesia. She co-authored a chapter with Jessica Brown in Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Culture: a Law and Heritage Exploration, a peer-reviewed volume which is currently in press at Edward Elgar Publishing. Alongside her dissertation research she consults the process for the cultural landscape of the Banda Islands (Indonesia) to become a mixed site for the UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Joëlla obtained her B.A in Archaeology (2011) and M.A. degree in Archaeological Heritage Management in a World Context (2014) at the Faculty of Archaeology at Leiden University, the Netherlands.