• Boyle, Brigid

Brigid M. Boyle is a PhD Candidate specializing in the art and visual culture of nineteenth-century France.  Her dissertation, "Witnessing Race: Black Men in Gérôme's Orient," examines the period reception of Jean-Léon Gérôme's representations of Black soldiers, entertainers, animal handlers, and eunuchs from North Africa and the Ottoman Empire. She has published peer-reviewed articles in Winterthur Portfolio and Male Bonds in Nineteenth-Century Art, and her joint interview with Dr. Petra ten-Doesschate Chu appeared in The Rutgers Art Review.   She currently serves as Bloch Family Foundation Doctoral Fellow at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, where she contributes research and scholarship to the museum's first-ever digital collection catalogue, French Paintings and Pastels, 1600-1945 (nelson-atkins.org/fpc).   Prior to pursuing her doctoral studies, she held curatorial positions at the Nelson-Atkins and the Snite Museum of Art, and she participated in excavations in Mursi, Albania.