Faculty Emeriti

Faculty Emeriti

Marder, Tod

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  • Department: Department of Art History

Tod Marder is an art and architectural historian with a long-standing interest in the history of the city of Rome and a special passion for the work of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. In two books and many articles Marder has tried to clarify the nature of Bernini's architecture as a sophisticated expression of design principles, in contrast to simplistic views of the work as a foil for his sculpture or, alternatively, a "classical" version of more daring experiments of contemporaries like Borromini and Cortona. In addition, the publications also include many studies of the reception of the Pantheon in the early modern and modern periods. A former department chair and former editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Marder is pursuing these and other passions in his retirement in Rome and New Brunswick.

Jack Spector

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Professor II
Modern Art
Ph.D., Columbia University


Biographical Information:

Professor Spector is a specialist in nineteenth- and twentieth-centuryspector European art. He is currently working on a book about early school education under the Third Republic in France and its bearing on the formation of the Parisian avant-garde before World War I. He is also working on Freud's influence on Klee and Miro and serves as editor for the psychoanalytical journal American Imago. Professor Spector recently completed a series of studies on Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q., linking it to fin-de-siècle Symbolism. His most important previous publications include Surrealist Art and Writing, 1919 to 1939, The Gold of Time(Cambridge University Press, 1997), and The Aesthetics of Freud, 1972/8, which has been reprinted and translated into many languages. The second Chinese edition was re-issued in 1997.

Recent Publications:

Surrealist Art and writing, 1919 to 1939, The Gold of Tome. Cambridge University Press, Oct.1996.

Editor, 2 issues of American Image, Vol.53, nos.1,2, "New Directions in spector2Art History," I and II, Spring, Fall 1996; with my introduction to no.1, pp.1-5, and my article "Medusa on the Barricades," in no.1, pp.25-51. 

"Delacroix's Liberty on the Barricades in 1815 and 1830" in Source, Notes on the History of Art vol.xv no.3, Spring, 1996, pp.36-41. 

"Transparence, Utopia and Narcissism; Breton in the Twenties and Thirties" forthcoming in a volume publishing a Hofstra Symposium on "The American Years of Andre Breton." 

Preface to the second printing of the Chinese translation of The Aesthetics of Freud, 1996. 

Two lectures bear on this research: "Die Grenzen der Vernunft in der modernen Kunst: Klee, Miro und Freud" (Goethe Universitat, Kunstgeschichtliche Institut, Vienna, Sept.26, 1997); "Rebus" (SUNY, Stony Brook, Nov.19, 1997).

Matthew Baigell

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Recent Publications:


Artist and Identity in Twentieth-Century America (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001).

Co-editored Complex Identities: Jewish Consciousness and Modern Art. (Rutgers University Press, 2001).

Co-author of Peeling Potatoes, Painting Pictures: Women Artists in Post-Soviet Russia, Estonia, and Latvia. (Rutgers University Press, 2001)

"American Art Around 1960 and the Loss of Self," Art Criticism, 1998 (in press). 

Jewish-American Artists and the Holocaust. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1997. 

Co-author of Soviet Dissident Art: Interviews after Perestroika. New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1995. 

"Barnett Newman's Stripe Paintings and Kaballah: A Jewish Take," American Art 8 (Spring 1994): 33-43.

Jocelyn Penny Small

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Ph.D., Princeton University

Professor Small is a classical archaeologist and art historian who specializes in iconography and Etruscan studies. She excavated for three seasons at Murlo (Poggio Civitate), an archaic Etruscan site near Siena. For twenty-one years (1976) she was the Director of the U.S. Center of the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae. She has published widely on Etruscan art, iconography, and classics topics, such as memory and literacy, as well as issues related to the computer. Most recently she has been working on cognitive aspects of classical antiquity. She is currently working on optics and illusionism in classical art.

Some of her publications are available online

List of Publications of Jocelyn Penny Small

St.Clair Harvey, Archer

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  • Department: Department of Art History
  • Position: Professor Emerita
  • Research Interests: Cultural and Preservation Studies, Late Antique & Byzantine Art
  • Ph.D., Princeton University

Biographical Information:

Professor Harvey's research centers on late antiquity. She is also active as an archaeologist and served as Associate Director of the American Academy in Rome/Soprintendenza Archeologica di Roma Palatine East Excavation, which is now in the final publication stage. Professor Harvey was the 1996 recipient of the Graduate Teaching Excellence Award in the Humanities. Her interest in Cultural Heritage issues is longstanding. In 1998, she organized the international conference, “Art, Antiquity, and the Law: Preserving Our Global Cultural Heritage,” at Rutgers, and she spearheaded the creation of the M.A. program in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies (CHAPS), inaugurated in 2009. In 2013 she headed the CHAPS team that organized the international conference “Cultural landscapes: Preservation Challenges in the 21st Century” bringing over 300 people from 29 countries to Rutgers, and under her direction CHAPS finalized a 5 year renewable Memorandum of Understanding with UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, a collaborative agreement that expands opportunities for CHAPS students and faculty at the global level. She is currently finalizing the new CHAPS Ph.D. concentration to be offered within the Department of Art History beginning in Fall 2014.

Current Interests & Research:

Late Antique and Early Christian Art
Global Issues in Cultural Heritage Preservation
Rome in late Antiquity
Liturgical and topographical influence on Early Christian and Medieval art.

Undergraduate Classes Taught:

Early Christian and Byzantine Art
Early Medieval Art
Global Cultural Heritage Preservation
Ethical Approaches to Cultural Heritage Preservation
Art of Late Antiquity

Graduate Classes Taught:

Late Antiquity
Problems in Late Antique and Byzantine Art
Issues of Global Heritage Preservation

Recent Publications:


Conserving Cultural Landscapes: Challenges and New Directions, ed. K. Taylor, A. St. Clair, N. Mitchell, Routledge (Key Issues in Cultural Heritage Series), 2014.

Palatine East Excavations II: The Finds, ed., A. St. Clair, DeLuca Editori, 2014.

Carving as Craft: The Palatine East Discoveries and the Greco-Roman Carving Tradition, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2003.  

Selected Publications:

“Room S20: The Decorative Program,” Palatine East Excavations I: Architecture and Stratigraphy, ed. E. Hostetter and R. Brandt, De Luca Editori, 2009, 213-228.

“Bone and Ivory Carving in Rome: Patterns of Consumption, 1st c. BC-5th c. AD” Spätantike und byzantinische Elfenbeinwerke in Discurs, Berlin, 2008, 249-270.

“Carving in the Center: Evidence for an Urban Workshop on the Palatine Hill in Rome,” Spatantike und byzantinische Elfenbeinbildwerke in Discurs, Wiesbaden 2008, 251-270.

"Late Antique Transitions: A Decorated Room on the Palatine in its Late Roman Context," Memoirs of The American Academy in Rome, 47, 2002, 229-258.

"Imperial Virtue: Questions of Form and Function in the Case of Four Late Antique Statuettes," Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 50, 1996, 147-162.

Longer list of publications