Past Events

2021  Denise Murrell, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Reconsidering the Harlem Renaissance: Context and Legacy

2019  Wendy Bellion, University of Delaware

Iconoclasm in New York: Revolution to Reenactment

2018:  Michael Leja, University of Pennsylvania

                  The Langenheim Brothers at Niagara Falls: Photographic Fusions and the Mass Marketing of Photography

2017: Marilyn S. Kushner, New York Historical Society

                   Shock, Influence, or Indifference, the 1913 Armory Show Reconsidered

2016:   Rachel Z. DeLue, Princeton University

                   Thomas Eakin’s Music Paintings and the Problem of Picturing Sound         

2015:  Douglas R. Nickel, Brown University

                 Walker Evans and the Art of the Common Man

2014:  Richard J. Powell, Duke University

                 Fat Man in Bronzeville: Archibald Motley’s Witness to the Modern City

2013:  Maurie D. McInnis, The University of Virginia

               The Civil War and Slavery’s Shadow

2012:  Kathleen A. Foster, Philadelphia  Museum of Art

               Looking into Winslow Homer’s The Life Line

2011:  Sarah Burns, Indiana University, Professor Emeritus

              Haunted Houses and Murder Mansions: Art and the Dark Side of American Architecture between the Wars

2010:   Matthew Baigell, Rutgers University Professor Emeritus

               Social Concern in Jewish American Art

2009:   Wanda M. Corn, Stanford University

                The Three Lives of Grant Wood’s American Gothic

2009:   Martin A. Berger, University of California at Santa Cruz

               Civil Rights Photography and the Politics of Race in 1960s America

2008:  Thomas E. Crow, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

               Screen Memories in the Art of Ed Ruscha: Los Angeles as a Pop City