Rutgers CAA Reunion, New York City, February 2007

Honors Symposium, April 2007

Department Awards Banquet, May 2007

New Haven Trip, October 2007

Graduate Awards and Honors

Olga Berendsen Prize for Best Baroque Paper – Emily Urban

Fellowships and Grants awarded to Art History Graduate Students, 2007:

Jeremy Canwell, J.William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship (for Estonia)

Christine Filippone, Smithsonian Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2007-08; Pre-Doctoral Fellowship, National Air and Space Museum, 2007-2008; American Association of University Women American Fellowship, 2007-08

Francis Fletcher, University and Bevier Fellowship, 2007-08

Olivia Gruber, Social Science Research Council, Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship

Mary Shay Millea, Coleman Memorial Fund Art History Fellowship, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2007-08; Travel Fellowship in the History of Art, Kress Foundation, 2007-08

Heather Nolin, Fellowship, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Kress Foundation Fellowship at the Hertziana, Rome [2 year]

Kandace Rawlings, Fellowship, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Sascha Scott, Luce/ACLS Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship in American Art, 2007-08; American Association of University Women American Fellowship, 2007-08

Lisa Neal Tice, Walter Read Hovey Memorial Fund Scholarship

Master’s degrees awarded:
Diana Bramham, Elizabeth Gaudino, Karen Lloyd, Joann Luhrs, Tuna Sare, Kim Sels, Jin Young Hwang

Ph.D.’s awarded:
Susanne Hillman, Alison Poe, Katie Poole, Patricia Zalamea, Jennifer Zarro

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

Art History Honors Students:
Alison Baumann
Katie Blouse
Andromeda Huff
Ajanta Jonnalagadda
Anna Khachiyan
Daniel Palmer
Alisa Stanislaw
Seth Tipton

Patrick J. Quigley Memorial Scholarship – Andrea Bachynsky and Monvan Hu

Bzdak award for travel in Milan – Jessica Marino