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The Art History department congratulates Maya Ravichandran on receiving the prestigious Marshall Fellowship to study at Oxford. Maya was a student in an interdisciplinary seminar taught by Professor Sarah McHam. She says, "The Michelangelo seminar is among my top three favorite courses I have taken while at Rutgers, so thank you for the wonderful experience! I definitely think students can get a lot out of courses like these."

Maya, who will be attending medical school after Oxford, makes an argument for the value of art history for students in STEM fields and for those planning to go into medicine:

My English teacher, a melanoma survivor, told us, "Doctors and scientists work so hard to keep us alive, but the reason they keep us alive is so that we can enjoy art." The arts are so crucial to our lives, and by taking arts courses, I feel I can better understand human nature and connect to people, including future patients. Moreover, the chance to discuss great pieces of artwork with your peers and be guided by distinguished professors in a small group setting is invaluable.