Welcome to this virtual iteration of the Rutgers University Department of Art History’s annual Undergraduate Honors Symposium!

I have had the pleasure of working with our four honors students for the past year as they have labored to complete their theses. Each of them has demonstrated commitment to their research and an enthusiasm to hone their skills as art historians, resulting in truly impressive projects. What’s more, they have all shown real fortitude as they completed their theses in the midst of a stressful transition to distance learning and social distancing brought on by COVID 19, which has also prompted our move to a virtual format for this symposium. Here, you will find video presentations created by each student, Aarti Badami, Cecilia Huang, Anthony Ortega, and Lexi Horvath. Please feel free to pose any questions or suggestions in the comments below each video, and the students will respond to you there. They would love your feedback!

Thank you,

Brittney J. Bailey, PhD Candidate

Honors Presentations