Evrard photo for web version 1 80d4cEmily Evrard, Art History BA 2018, has begun a job as Old Masters Department Coordinator at Christie’s Auction and Private Sales in New York. She assists the Chairman and Head of Department for the Old Masters Department. She participates in preparations for seasonal auctions in October and April and also coordinates all stages of the private sales process for the department. She works with incredible works of art on a daily basis and she interacts with an international team including art historical experts and restorers. During her freshman year at Rutgers, she took a museum studies course that explored the wider art world, including the art market. While studying in Florence, she took an art and business course that prompted her interest in starting her career in an auction house. Emily writes: “I am grateful for my Rutgers education which has led me into the fast paced and thrilling art market at one of the premiere international auction houses.