Professors Tanya Sheehan and Andres Zervigon, co-organizers, announced the launching of a new website, the Developing Room at http://www.developingroom.com in March 2012.

The Developing Room is a working group affiliated with the Center for Cultural Analysis at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Since 2008 it has explored new questions about the histories, theories, and practices of photography by organizing research seminars, symposia, and publications. The major research areas have included photography and medicine; photography and radical politics; global photography and its histories; and the origins of photography. It is committed to promoting Rutgers as a center for photography studies and fostering collaboration among photography networks across the globe.

The website includes descriptions of past and upcoming activities organized by the Developing Room and by other photography networks.

Developing Room has a Facebook presence at http://www.facebook.com/developingroom