Minor Requirements

The minor in Art History requires just 6 classes. Students who complete the minor have held majors in subjects as diverse as history, languages, math, economics, printmaking, business, and psychology. It is a great way to meet people outside your home discipline. We encourage Art History minors to become active members of our department, by attending lectures and social events, and by joining our Undergraduate student organization, RAHSA.  

For the minor, you need to take:

2 of the following: 105, 106, 107

Plus any 4 art history classes that are 200-level or above. (There's no need for a list of art history classes that work for the minor-- all the classes that are 200-level and above count.)

This will be a total of 6 art history classes. 

For questions about transferring credits from other universities, contact the undergraduate program director. If you are an SAS student, you can declare the minor on-line. If you are an RBS student, please get the form from your RBS adviser.  If you are a MGSA student, please get the form from your MGSA adviser.  If you are a SEBS student, contact the SEBS adviser. 


ARE YOU READY TO DECLARE YOUR MINOR IN ART HISTORY?  If you are an SAS student, use the link below! (Non-SAS students contact the undergraduate adviser in your home department.)