Major Requirements Summary for Students Who Enrolled in the Major before July 2018


Art history students are required to complete at least 11 (eleven) one-term courses for a total of 33 (thirty-three) credits. You must receive a grade of C or better for the class to count toward the major.


You must take both introductory courses.  Students may use a 4 or 5 is achieved on the Art History advanced placement test to place out of these two courses.

Introductory Courses

  • 01:082:105
  • 01:082:106

Upper-Level Courses

Of the nine advanced level courses, at least one must be taken in four of the following five areas: 

  1. Ancient
  2. Medieval
  3. Renaissance/Baroque
  4. Modern
  5. Study Abroad; one course in African, Asian, Islamic, South America, or Native American; and one must be the Capstone Seminar in Art History 082:491/492. 

One Course in:

  • African
  • Asian
  • Islamic
  • South America
  • Native American

 Capstone Seminar

You must take 01:082:491 (Fall) or 01:082:492 (Spring)

These are capstone seminars for majors.  The subjects vary, but in every case you will be asked to conduct original research, give an oral presentation, and write a research paper. 

In Degree Navigator:

There is a Drop Down Menu next to the box labeled "Version." 

Toggling between the versions will help you compare the new requirements to the old ones. 

You must complete one full set of requirements or the other.  


Please see the Undergraduate Director for an advising form to assist you with your selections.