Course Descriptions

Course Title: 01:082:101  Building the Future:  An Introduction to Architecture

Academic Credits:  3 credits


Mode of Instruction:  Lecture

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites:  None

Core Curriculum:  CC, AHp; Non-majors welcome

Course Description:

The contemporary global issue (Core CC b) that will be analyzed in this class is the paradox presented by architecture.  All architects imagine that they are building for the future; but past architecture often seems wrong-headed or impossibly short-sighted. Architecture is a science, an art, and a business. In the twenty-first century, we live in buildings and we are surrounded by designed (and accidental) spaces. Some of the buildings we inhabit are old, some are new, but all of them carry meaning and influence behavior. Occupants of buildings push back against the intentions of architects. Green buildings contribute to environmental recuperation, while other buildings damage the environment. Real estate developers and local communities are at odds. Building new works of architecture is a powerful tool of political propaganda, as is the destruction of cultural heritage. We will explore architecture as an essential part of global artistic exchange. In the face of extreme population growth, environmental degradation, ideological divisions, and resource inequality, how should architects and urban planners construct for the next generation? How can historically subjected people use architecture to reassert their political and cultural agency? To explore these issues, this course will analyze buildings in their social historical contexts.

Learning Goals:

Students will learn to see the built environment through new eyes, to think about their individual interactions with architecture, and to think about how designers, business people, and consumers of architecture can together create ethically sound buildings for the future.

Course Materials:

There is no text book. All readings will be posted on the Sakai site.  A copy of the syllabus may be found on Sakai. I will post the PowerPoint slides after each lecture, not before.




Grading scale  A = 90 and up;  B+ = 89 to 85;   B = 85 to 80;  C+ = 79  to 76;  C = 75 to 70;  D =70 to 60;  F = 60 and below



Professor Dora Vanette

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