Course Descriptions & Syllabi

Undergraduate Course Descriptions

101 Building the Future: An Introduction to Architecture
105 Introduction to Western Art History, Pre-History to 1400
106 Introduction to Western Art History 1400 to Present
107 Survey of Non-Western Art
202 Intro to Contemporary Art
203 Sacred Sites: Materializing and Experiencing the Divine
205 Intro to Asian Art
206 Art of India
211 Ancient Foundations of Modernity
214 Renaissance Art in Europe
215 Baroque Magnificence
220 Critical Issues in Art History
226 Art and Visual Culture of the Caribbean
230 Latinx Art
240 Intro to Modern and Contemporary African Art 
250 Intro to Oceanic, African and Pre-Columbian Art
251 Russian Art 
252 East Asian Art
253 Contemporary Photography
255 History of Jewish Art
275 Cinema and the City 
277 Art and Medicine
291, 292, 293, 294 Topics in Art History
300 History of Modern Crafts and Design
305 Women and Art
306 Roman Art 
308 Italy 1250-1400: The Hinge Between Medieval and Renaissance Art
309 Fifteenth Century Italy: The Birth of the Renaissance
310 The High Renaissance in Italy 
312 Byzantine Art
313 The Renaissance in Northern Europe
314 The Etruscans
316 Mexican Art Across Borders
317 Ancient Painting
318 Myth and Legend in Art
319 Celtic and Early Irish Art
320 Islamic Art and Architecture:Visual Cultures of Islam
321 Art of Early China 
322 Japanese Art
324 Japanese Painting
325 Chinese Painting
326 Chinese Sculpture 
328 Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture in the Islamic World
329 The South Asian Temple : Art and Devotion in South Asia
332 African-American Art
333 Pre-Columbian Art
339,340 Study Abroad in Rome: From Ancient Capital to Modern Metropolis
341 Venice 
342 Early Greek Art
343 Later Greek Art
347 Early Northern European Painting 
348 Northern European Painting of the 17th century 
351 American Art, 1776-1913 
357 Art and Literature of the Soviet Period and the Varieties of Nonconformism
361 Russian and Soviet Avant-Gardes
362 Native Arts of North America
364 Arts in Baroque Rome 
365 Baroque Visions
366 Spanish Painting
367 American Art 1585-1876
368 Modern American Art 1876-1945
371 Arts of West Africa
372 History of the Print
373 Early Medieval Art
374 Romanesque and Gothic Art 
375 Renaissance & Baroque Architecture 
376 Arts of Central Africa 
377 Gothic 
379 Imagery and Architecture of Medieval Rome
380 Modern Jewish Art
381 Contemporary Latin American Art 
382 Nineteenth-Century Photography
383 Twentieth-Century Photography
387 Realism
388 The City of Rome 
389 Modern Art: 19th Century 
390 Modern Art: 20th Century
391 Nineteenth Century Architecture in the United States
392 Twentieth-Century Architecture
393 Modern Latin American Art
394,395 Study Abroad in Paris: Spaces and Places
396 Impressionism
403 Approaches to Art History
420 African Archtiecture
421 Contemporary American Architecture
428: The Modern City
430 Foundations in Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies
431 Theories & Methods of Architectural Preservation
440 CHAPS Museums, Collecting and Preservation
441 Special Topics in Politics, History, and Heritage
446 Studies in American Architecture
447 Internship in Historic Preservation
448 Internship in Historical Preservation
462 Workshop in Curatorial Practices
479 Special Topics in Asian Art
483 From Text to Image in Japanese Art
491 Capstone in Art History: Leonardo da Vinci
492 Capstone in Art History (Spring 2020) The Portrait and Power: From the President to the Influencer.
493 Individual Studies in Art History
495 Internship in Art History


Susan Sidlauskas, Chairperson

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Tamara Sears, Graduate Program Director

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