Course Title:  01:082:107  Survey of Non-Western Art

Academic Credits:  3 credits

Mode of Instruction:  Lecture

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites:  None

Core Curriculum:  HST, AHp 

Course Description:

Introduction to the art of the non-western world including South and Southeast Asia, China and Japan, Africa, Native America and Oceania. Visual traditions of these regions including art, sculpture, architecture, painting, ceramics and book cultures, from the pre-historic to the early modern period.

Learning Goals:

The goal of Art History courses is to enable students to identify, discuss, and interpret works of art and architecture. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of visual artifacts from a diverse range of periods and geographic regions and be able to place them within their historical 2 contexts. They will be able to employ skills of critical thinking in their written and oral expression and to construct a historical argument that incorporates images in a meaningful way

Course Materials:



The syllabus will be available on the Learning Management Site as of the first day of class.

Assignments and Grading:

Discussions - 30%
Unit Quizzes - 20%
Presentation - 20%
Final Paper - 20%
Attendance and Participation - 20%

Attendance and Participation: 

At the end of the week, the class will have a live Q&A session. During this live-stream the students can ask their questions about the unit of that week before the class proceeds to the next unit.



Disclaimer:  These course descriptions/synopses pages have been provided as samples and the information should not be considered accurate or current.  For actual course information, refer to the course site hosted by a Rutgers Learning Management System (Sakai, Canvas, etc.) as of first day of class.