Course Title:  01:082:211  Ancient Foundations of Modernity

Academic Credits:  3 credits

Mode of Instruction:  Lecture

Course Prerequisites and Corequisites: None

Core Curriculum:  None

Course Description:

Appearance of philosophies in Classical European civilization and their reflections in the art  and architecture of their times.  The rise of Islam and the final transition of the Roman Empire into a state that might be called Byzantine.

Required and recommended course materials:

  • McInerney, Jeremy Ancient Greece: a New History (New York, New York 2018).
  • Potter, David Ancient Rome: a New History 3rd ed. (New York, York 2018).


  • 3 Quizzes - 30% of grade.  One quiz can be missed without excuse, but, if all three are taken, the lowest of the three grades will be dropped in calculating the average. No make-up quizzes will be given.
  • Papers  - 30% Each student is also required to write a short (3-5 pp.) paper on a piece of art in from one or more of the many cultural phases discussed in this course.
  • Final Exam - 40% - Each student will have to write essays answering three of the five questions assigned by the instructor. The most efficient way to study for this exam is in groups, if possible. The use of notes will not be allowed during the exam.


Professor John Kenfield

Disclaimer:  These course description/synopses pages have been provided as samples and the information should not be considered accurate or current.  For actual course information, refer to the course site hosted by a Rutgers Learning Management System (Sakai, Canvas, etc.) as of first day of class.