PhD Requirements: Entering with a Masters

The Graduate School permits the transfer of a maximum of twenty-four credits from other institutions toward the Ph.D., all of which must be in art history and at the graduate level, with a grade of B or better. After having completed four courses (12 credits) in the Graduate Program of Art History at Rutgers, students should submit an official transcript, in addition to a description of the content and requirements of these courses to the faculty for its approval. The Graduate School does not offer transfer credit for independent study or for thesis research and writing earned at another institution.

In addition, students entering the Rutgers University Graduate Program in Art History with an M. A. degree from another university must successfully complete:

  • Six courses (18 credits minimum)

  • Two foreign language examinations (Students must submit documentation attesting that they passed language examinations as part of their M. A. degree to avoid taking examinations at Rutgers.)

  • One graduate level methods class (Students must submit a transcript attesting that they successfully completed a graduate level methods class another institution)


24 credits

Transfer of 8 MA courses

18 credits

6 Rutgers courses

3 credits

Dissertation proposal

3 credits

Study for Qualifying Exam

24 credits

Dissertation Research


TOTAL = 72 credit minimum


Course planning worksheet can be found here.