Dissertation Research

After the proposal has been accepted, students must register for Dissertation Research Credits (082:701 or 082:702 depending on the semester). The number of credits taken each semester may range from one to twelve, but the student should generally expect to distribute the twenty-four credits over the period spent in research and writing. The Graduate School requires registration for a minimum of three credits for a student residing in the New Brunswick area and using Rutgers' research facilities. Non-resident students are required to register for at least one research credit per semester. A total of seventy-two credits minimum is required for the Ph.D. Students take forty-two of these credits as course work, and thirty credits of dissertation research.

As part of the research and writing process, the student should meet regularly with the adviser to review the progress of work on the dissertation. Joint or separate meetings with the other committee members should be scheduled as needed, according to agreement between the adviser and student.