Dissertation Committee

The Chair of the Qualifying Examination Committee typically serves as the student's dissertation adviser. Either at the time of the presentation of the dissertation topic or very soon thereafter, the student and adviser together should designate a dissertation committee of four members, including the adviser who will serve as Chair. One member must be from outside the Art History Department.

The adviser will be responsible for consulting with the student on the preparation of the proposal and for reading drafts generated in that process. The second and third members of the dissertation committee from the Art History Graduate Faculty may be approached during the writing of the proposal, or when it is completed.

The student must present the dissertation proposal, already approved by his/her adviser and other committee members, no later than one semester after admission to candidacy for the doctoral degree. The student does this in written notification to the Graduate Director, who then submits it for the approval of the Graduate Faculty. Should the student's topic of research alter significantly, a revised dissertation proposal must be submitted at the earliest possible date. Students must complete the form, "Dissertation Proposal Form," which asks for the title  of the dissertation and the names and signatures of the adviser and other  two internal members of the committtee, and submit it to the Graduate  Director at the same time as their proposal.

The dissertation approval form can be found here.


Laura Weigert, Chair

Carla Yanni, Undergraduate Program Director 

Tamara Sears, Graduate Program Director

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