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Admission to candidacy for the Ph.D. degree requires a "pass" on the Qualifying Examination. The dissertation proposal should be understood as an initial and exploratory attempt to formulate the dissertation project. The project should be an effort to:

  1. disclose a fundamental problem which previous scholarship has either overlooked or failed to resolve;

  2. suggest how a proposed line of inquiry (a conceptual approach, but also a program of research) may illuminate this problem.

The proposal should be between 2100 and 3,000 words and include bibliography consisting of works both read and unread.

A six-credit course (082:705 Dissertation Proposal Research) is required of all students preparing the dissertation proposal for acceptance by the Graduate Faculty except for those students who entered the Rutgers University Graduate Program in Art History with an M. A. degree. Those students take 082:705 for three credits only. This course may be taken before the student is officially a doctoral candidate, and is intended to formalize faculty advising of research as the student works on the initial stages of his/her doctoral research.