Dissertation Proposal

  • The dissertation proposal will be presented in a closed-door meeting to the dissertation committee no later than twelve weeks after successful completion of the comprehensive exam, or in the first weeks of the Fall semester in the case of a summer break. Students will circulate the proposal in advance of the meeting, and the meeting will be an in-depth discussion of the written proposal with no oral presentation component. The dissertation approval form can be found here.
  • The committee must consist of three members of the department and may also include the outside reader, at the adviser’s discretion. Upon consultation with the adviser, the student may wish to invite other faculty members from within or outside the Department to participate in the meeting. Approval of the dissertation proposal shall be decided by the committee.
  • Recognizing the value of general departmental involvement by both faculty and students in the dissertation process, the department will schedule a “work in progress workshop” once a semester to give students the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their ongoing dissertation research.
  • The transition period to the new procedure will be the spring 2016 semester, during which proposing students can choose either the new procedure or the dissertation proposal workshop venue of the past. Thereafter, the new procedure will apply to all.