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Mary Bartlet Cowdrey Fund

Mary Bartlet Cowdrey Fund

Guidelines For Applying to Mary Bartlet Cowdrey Fund For Dissertation Research 

The Graduate Program in Art History offers one Mary Bartlet Cowdrey Dissertation Fellowship (stipend plus tuition remission) every other year. The fellowship is an "open" dissertation fellowship to be awarded to the best-qualified candidate regardless of his/her field.

Expenses: Students with approved dissertation topics in European Art are eligible to apply. *

Allowable Expenses: Photocopies, photographic materials, office supplies, travel expenses essential for dissertation research: airfare, or train fare, local transportation, parking.

Expenses Not Covered: Registration for CAA; conference travel; mileage; books; catalogues; all personal item expenses.

General Application Information: Applications are due on or before April 1 for consideration and processing. All expenses are subject to approval by the Mary Bartlet Cowdrey Committee and the graduate office. Foreign or extensive travel must be pre-authorized by the Committee. No student will receive more than a total of $1,000.00 in assistance. All expenses incurred must be over a maximum three-year period from the date of proposal approval.

For Reimbursement: Submit completed Application Form. ORIGINAL receipts are to be taped to white 8 1/2 x 11 paper and attached to the form. No photocopies, packing slips or duplicate receipts will be allowed. All receipts must be clearly printed with the date, place of purchase and item purchased. Receipts without this information will be disregarded.

Application Form (Word Document)

Any questions can be addressed to
the Graduate Office at 732/932-7041 x14.

* Students with dissertation topics in American Art must apply first to the Mitnick-Jacobs Fund. After the student has reached the $750 cap on the Mitnick-Jacobs, they may apply for another $250 of reimbursable expenses through the Cowdrey.

Art History Graduate Student Organization

Art History Graduate Student Organization (AHGSO)

The Art History Graduate Student Organization (AHGSO) is an autonomous group established to further the interests of the students within the program. It functions in cooperation with the University-wide Graduate Student Association. Among other things, the AHGSO elects a student representative who attends all Graduate Art History Faculty Meetings (except those involving the evaluation and discussion of individual students of personal matters) and who votes on all issues except those concerning faculty appointments and academic decisions affecting individual students.

The AHGSO also conducts an annual symposium at which graduate students are invited to deliver papers embodying their original research in the field. Students are encouraged to participate in the association's various standing committees which are concerned with all aspects of the students' social and academic life within the program.