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Tatiana Flores Longer List of Publications


Mexico’s Revolutionary Avant-Gardes: From Estridentismo to ¡30-30!  (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2013), [please link to]

Chapters in Books

“El arte latinoamericano desde el siglo XXI” in El verbo es conjugar. Arte moderno latinoamericano. Mexico City: Museo Mural Diego Rivera / INBA, 2013. 27-33.

“Lola y Germán Cueto: Dos caminos hacia el vanguardismo en el México posrevolucionario” in Codo a codo: Parejas de artistas en México, ed. Dina Comisarenco Mirkin. Mexico City: Universidad Iberoamericana, 2013.  59-75.
“Murales Estridentes: Tensions and Affinities between Estridentismo and Early Muralism” in Mexican Muralism: A Critical History, eds. Alejandro Anreus, Robin A. Greeley, and Leonard Folgarait. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 2012.  108-124.

“Actual No. 1, or Manuel Maples Arce’s Fourteen Points” for Vanguardia Estridentista: Soporte de la estética posrevolucionaria. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, 2010.  31-80.

Selected Journal Articles

“Starting from Mexico: Estridentismo as an Avant-Garde Model,” World Art 3:1 (March 2014).

“Dialogues along a North-South Axis: Avant-Gardists in Mexico City and Lima,” Third Text (forthcoming 2014)

“Whose Side Are We On? Artistic Rivalries in Mexican Avant-Garde Art,” Journal of History of Modern Art (Seoul, Korea): December 2012.  137-172.

“Strategic Modernists: Women Artists in Post-Revolutionary Mexico,” Woman’s Art Journal, Vol. 29, No. 2 (Fall/Winter 2008): 12-22.

“Culture in Caracas: The New Institutions of Bolivarian Venezuela,” ReVista: Harvard Review of Latin America (Fall 2008): 65-67. 

“Melissa A. Calderón: Performance and Memory, ” ARC, no. 5 (March 2012): 56-61. [link:]

“Iván Navarro: ‘It Must Be Done,’” Art Nexus, v. 9, no. 77 (June-August 2010): 42-47. [link:]

“The Historical (Self) Consciousness of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer,” Art Nexus, v. 7, no. 71 (December 2008-February 2009): 66-71. [link:]

Selected Curated Exhibitions

Medios y ambientes (with Laura Roulet).  Mexico City: Museo Universitario del Chopo, 2012. [link:]

Wrestling with the Image: Caribbean Interventions (with Christopher Cozier).  Washington, D.C.: Art Museum of the Americas, 2011. [link:]

Disillusions: Gendered Visions of the Caribbean and its Diasporas.  Edison, NJ: Middlesex County College Studio Theater Gallery, 2011. [link:]

More Is More: Maximalist Tendencies in Recent American Painting.  Tallahassee, FL: FSU Museum of Art, 2007.

Rubens Gerchman: Four Decades.  New York: Latincollector Art Center, 2002.

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