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Honors Presentations

See the Undergraduate Awards page for Honors Presentations after 2004.



Name Advisor Honors Program Honors
Talia Andrei Howard Henry Rutgers Scholar High Honors
Molly Balikov Marder Henry Rutgers Scholar  
Kathryn Catania Marter Douglass College High Honors
Lauren Fresco Bzdak,Meredith Henry Rutgers Scholar Honors
Jennifer Kruglinski Marter Art History Honors





Faculty Advisor

Alison Badertscher

"Kathe Kollwitz,  Themes of Maternity and Socialist Texts"

Joan Marter

Kelly Keegan

"Overcleaned or Overcriticized? Comments on the Cleaning of Michelangelo's Frescoes in the Sistine Ceiling"

Catherine Puglisi

Megan M. Ruedy

"Light in Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Painting."

Matthew Baigell

Alana D. Shultz

"Aspects of Orientalism in Late-Nineteenth Century Art"

Matthew Baigell




Faculty Advisor

Eva Spelbrink

"Robert Indiana.  Unveiling Identity"

Joan Marter

Michael C. Long

"Re/sources in Cindy Sherman: A New Look at the Untitled Film Stills"

Joan Marter




Faculty Advisor

Kenneth Quail

Depictions of Masculinity in American Art, 1860 to 1920

Matthew Baigell

Annie Farrell

The Japanese Pavilion at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair: The Architecture,  Aesthetics, and Reception of the H - -den

Carla Yanni

Scott Bauer

Delightful Terrors: The Storm Landscape and the Genesis of the Natural Sublime in the Art of Nicolas Poussin and Gaspar Dughet

Martin Eidelberg & Mariet Westerman

Jennifer Brazel

A Lack of Color in Impressionism

James Smalls

Teresa Hahn

An Ambiguous Spectacle: The Brothel Images of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

James Smalls

Christine Bisulca

Cubism and the Puteax, 1911-1915: The Fourth Dimension and the Revival of the Occult Tradition

Joan Marter

Robert Bevilacqua

Reclamation Art: Making a Statement for Nature through Science, Technology, and Art

Joan Marter

Sarah Timmins de Gregory

Rethinking Rothko: An Historiographical Analysis of Robert Rosenblum's  Modern Painting and the Northern Romantic Tradition

Elizabeth MacLachlan & Jack Spector




Faculty Advisor

Shoshana Klein

Peter Paul Rubens' Portraits of His Wives:  A Study in Painted Identity

Mariet Westermann

Helen Tsui

A Musical Analysis of the Dipylon Vase

John Kenfield

Amy Weinstein

A Critical Analysis of Classical Greek Sculpture: The Parthenon Sculptural Program and its Patriarchal Origins

John Kenfield

A. Asa Eger

The Piscinae at Tel Tanninim: A Comparative Study of Ancient and Modern Aquaculture in Israel

John Kenfield

Margaret Guk

Architectural Constructions of Memory: A Comparison of Kenzo Tange and Daniel Libeskind

Carla Yanni

Beatriz Pelaez

Bernini as Portaitist: The Significance of Bernini's Portrait of Costanza

Catherine Puglisi

Bryan Kessler

Form Follows the Mouse: An Interpretation of Disney Architectural Projects and Films under Michael Eisner

Carla Yanni

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