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Distinguished Professor
Renaissance & Baroque Architecture
Ph.D., Columbia University


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Tod Marder, at far right, with former student Dr. Meredith Bzdak, Dutch visiting lecturer Konrad Ottenheym and, on the far left, undergraduate Sarah Cavins at the restoration of Louis Kahn's Bath House (1955-57) in Ewing Township, New Jersey.

Biographical Information:

Professor Marder's principal research interest is in the field of Roman baroque architecture in general, and the art and architecture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini in specific. In 1997, he published Bernini's Scala Regia at the Vatican Palace. Architecture, Sculpture, and Ritual (Cambridge University Press), an extensive, documented monograph on Bernini's Scala Regia and the equestrian statue of Constantine, attempting to put these monuments in the historical context of the Vatican Palace, St. Peter's basilica, and Piazza San Pietro. In 1998, he published Bernini and the Art of Architecture (Abbeville Press), a more general book on Bernini's architecture, focussing on his major works and what they tell us about his goals and intentions, marderbookand how he realized them. This book provides a starting point for a series of additional investigations of individual works that will cast new light on the relationship of patron and architect in the design process.

Current research projects include a revised edition of the Brauer-Wittkower corpus of Bernini’s architectural drawings (with Ann Harris covering the figural drawings). Dr. Marder’s research on the drawing is being carried out as Rudolf Wittkower Professor at the Bibliotheca Hertziana, Rome (Max-Planck-Institut fur Kunstgeschichte). He is also engaged in research on Wittkower’s role in the interpretation of English architecture, for which he regularly visits London and Oxford.


The Pantheon: Construction and Reception, twelve essays by international experts, introduced and co-edited with Mark Wilson Jones, University of Bath, and contributions by E. La Rocca, L. Hetland, G. Martines, W. Waddell, J. Delaine, M. Wilson Jones, E. Thuno, A. Nesselrath, T. Marder, S. Pasquali, R. Williams, and R. Etlin. Cambridge University Press. In press.

Bernini’s Scala Regia at the Vatican Palace. Architecture Sculpture and Ritual. Cambridge University Press,  1997.

Bernini and the Art of Architecture. Abbeville Press, New York, 1998. Italian language edition, Rizzoli, Milan, 1998. French language edition, Abbeville France, 2000 (with 1999 award from the CNL-Centre National du Livre etDirection de l’architecture et patrimoine, Ministère de la culture et de la communication); Awarded XXXV Premio Dario Borghese, Rome, 1999.

The Critical Edge: Controversy in Recent American Architecture, Zimmerli Art Museum and M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1985. Conceived and edited by Tod A. Marder with essays by T. Marder, Robert Bruegmann, Martin Filler, and students of the Graduate Program in Art History, Rutgers University. Author of "Introduction: a Plea for History" (1-14) and "Gehry House" (100- 112).

 Current Interests & Research:

Bernini's architecture
Urban planning in Rome
Classical traditions in architecture from antiquity to the present

Undergraduate Classes Taught:

Classical Architecture from Ancient to Modern Times
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Classical traditions in architecture from antiquity to the present
Arts in Baroque Rome
Bernini and the Baroque
Architect and Society in England
The City of Rome

Graduate Classes Taught:

Problems in Baroque Art in Italy and Spain
Renaissance Architecture
Baroque Architecture
English Architecture
St. Peter's and the Vatican Palace

Other Selected Publications:

“La Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi: iconoglogia e costruzione” with Maria Grazia Damelio, Piazza Navoan. Du stade de Domitien à l’actuelle Piazza Navona, genèse d’un quartier de Rome, Agence Nationale de la Recherche et de l’Ecole francaise de Rome. In press.

“Bernini’s Death Again,” Le Grand âet ses oeuvres ultimes (XVIe-XXI siècles). Actes du colloque international, ed. D. Bodart and J. Gribinski, Université de Poitiers. In press.

“The Four Rivers Fountain: Art and Building Technology in Pamphilj Rome” (coauthor Maria Grazia Damelio), The Pamphilj and the Arts. Patronage and Consumption in Baroque Rome, ed. Stephanie C. Leone, Chicago, 2011, 23-36.

“Bernini and the Centralized Church Plans for Alexander VII,” L’Architecture Religieuse Européenne au Temps des Réformes: Heritage de la Renaissance et Récherches Nouvelles, Centre André Chastel et Université d’Utrecht, Paris, 2009, 61-76.

“A Finger Bath in Rosewater: Cracks in Bernini’s Reputation,” Sankt Peter in Rome 1506-2006, Beiträge der internationalen Tagung vom 22-25. Februar 2006 in Bonn, eds. Georg Satzinger and Sebastian Schütze, Munich, 2008. 427-434.

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