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Archer St.Clair Harvey - Longer List of Publications

Conserving Cultural Landscapes: Challenges and New Directions, ed. K. Taylor, A. St. Clair, N. Mitchell, Routledge (Key Issues in Cultural Heritage Series), in Press, 2014.

Palatine East Excavations II: The Finds, ed., A. St. Clair, DeLuca Editori, in press, 2014.

“Room S20: The Decorative Program,” Palatine East Excavations I: Architecture and Stratigraphy, ed. E. Hostetter and R. Brandt, De Luca Editori, 2009, 213-228.

“Bone and Ivory Carving in Rome: Patterns of Consumption, 1st c. BC-5th c. AD” Spätantike und byzantinische Elfenbeinwerke in Discurs, Berlin, 2008, 249-270.

“Carving in the Center: Evidence for an Urban Workshop on the Palatine Hill in Rome,” Spatantike und byzantinische Elfenbeinbildwerke in Discurs, Wiesbaden 2008, 251-270.

Carving as Craft: The Palatine East Discoveries and the Greco-Roman Carving Tradition, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003.

Protecting Cultural Heritage: Essays from the Field, with Patrick O'Keefe, The Institute for Art and Law (UK), 2004.

"Late Antique Transitions: A Decorated Room on the Palatine in its Late Roman Context," Memoirs of The American Academy in Rome, 47, 2002, 229-258

"Imperial Virtue: Questions of Form and Function in the Case of Four Late Antique Statuettes," Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 50, 1996, 147-162.

Art, Antiquity, and the Law: Preserving Our Global Cultural Heritage, ed. Archer St. Clair and Patrick O'Keefe, Institute  of Art and Law, forthcoming 2002.

The Carver's Art: Medieval Carving in Ivory, Horn, and Bone,  ed. Archer St.Clair and Elizabeth Mclachlan, New Brunswick, 1989.

Byzantium at Princeton, ed. Slobodan Curcic and Archer St.Clair, Princeton, 1986.

"The Great Berlin Pyxis," Jahrbuch der Berliner Museen, XX,1978, 5-27.

The Age of Spirituality, ed K. Weitzmann, New York, 1979. Entries on ivory plaques, pyxides, ampullae, and censers.

"The Visit to the Tomb: Narrative and Liturgy on Three Early Christian
Pyxides," Gesta, XVIII/1, 1979, 127-36.

"Typology and Topography in the Exodus Tradition," Cahiers Archeologiques, 1984, 15-30.

"The House of Peace in Paradise: Images of the Feast of  Tabernacles on a Jewish Goldglass," The Journal of Jewish Art, XII, 1985, 6-15.

"The Torah Shrine at Dura Europos: A Re-evaluation," Jahrbuch fur Antike und Christentum, XIX, 1986, 109-17.

"A New Moses? Carolingian Typology in the Moutier Grandval Bible," Gesta, XXVI, 1987, 19-28.

"A Recently Discovered Ivory Pyxis of the Maximianus Group," Art at Auction, 1987, London, 1987, 124-129.

"Scavi di un complesso tardo romano sul versante NO del Palatino (1989)," with Eric Hostetter, et al. Bollettino di Archeologia, IX, 1991, 47-56

"A Late Roman Domus with Apsidal Hall on the Slope of the Palatine: 1989-1991 Seasons," with Eric Hostetter, et al. Rome Papers: Journal of Roman Archaeology Supplementary Series, no.11, 1994, 131-183.

"Palatino. Versante nordorientale: Complesso tardo romano, 1991," Bollettino di Archeologia, 1993, 81-88, with Eric Hostetter, et al.

"A Byzantine Source for the Bible of San Paolo fuori le Mura," Byzantine East and Latin West: Art Historical Studies in Honour of Kurt Weitzmann, Princeton, 1995, 193.  

"Evidence for Late Antique Bone and Ivory Carving on the North East Slope of the Palatine," Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 50, 1996, 369-374.

"Imperial Virtue: Questions of Form and Function in the Case of Four Late Antique Statuettes," Dumbarton Oaks Papers, 50, 1996, 147-162.

"Scavi sul versante NO del Palatino (1992-3)," with Eric Hostetter, et al. Bollettino di Archeologia, 1996.

"Women in Context: Eight Late Antique Statuettes of Women," Muse, 1998, 30-49.

"Late Antique Transitions: A Recently Discovered Decorated Room on the Northeast Slope of the Palatine," Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, submitted for publication.

"Review of A. Cutler, The Hand of the Master (Princeton, 1994)" in Speculum, 72, 1997, 456.


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