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April 19, 2005 Department Honors Symposium


Michele Glosup, Tracey Sperling, Jennie Woo, Sarah Beetham and Hannah Thomas
Sarah D. Beetham, The Art of James Edward Kelly: Issues in Public Sculpture in Post-Civil War America [S.McHam]
Michele Glosup, Luggage Labels: The Destination Image in the Golden Age of Travel [I.Steffensen]
Tracey S. Spreling, Recreating an Early Nation's Glory: Moments of the American Revolution in New Jersey [S.McHam]
Hannah J. Thomas, Artemisia Gentileshchi in Florence: 1612-1620 [C.Puglisi]
Jennie H. Woo, Absurdity in the Art of Eva Hesse [J.Sharp]<

Tod Marder and Jennie Woo at Reception

The Five Honors Students with the "Honors Leaders". Sascha Scott (left) and Katie Poole (right)

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