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April 19, 2005 Department Honors Symposium


Michele Glosup, Tracey Sperling, Jennie Woo, Sarah Beetham and Hannah Thomas
Sarah D. Beetham, The Art of James Edward Kelly: Issues in Public Sculpture in Post-Civil War America [S.McHam]
Michele Glosup, Luggage Labels: The Destination Image in the Golden Age of Travel [I.Steffensen]
Tracey S. Spreling, Recreating an Early Nation's Glory: Moments of the American Revolution in New Jersey [S.McHam]
Hannah J. Thomas, Artemisia Gentileshchi in Florence: 1612-1620 [C.Puglisi]
Jennie H. Woo, Absurdity in the Art of Eva Hesse [J.Sharp]<

Tod Marder and Jennie Woo at Reception

The Five Honors Students with the "Honors Leaders". Sascha Scott (left) and Katie Poole (right)

2005 Bzdak Travel Award for Study in Milan

This annual award is established by Drs. Michael J. and Meredith Arms Bzdak to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students for the study and/or research of Art History in Milan, Italy. The purpose of the travel award is to acquaint students with both the rich early Christian and Renaissance art and architecture of Milan as well as the city as a contemporary capital of design, style and fashion.

CRITERIA: The Bzdak Travel Award for Study in Milan shall be awarded to a full-time undergraduate junior or senior majoring in Art History at Rutgers-New Brunswick who is planning to travel to Milan, Italy. Examples of qualified students include undergraduates who will be undertaking a senior-year Art History honors thesis that focuses on Italian art, contemporary design, or architecture and wish to travel to Milan to undertake research; students who are planning to pursue a M.A. or Ph.D. in Art History and wish to informally study in Milan to further their knowledge of Italian art; and/or students who are participating in a study abroad program that does not go to Milan and want to use Bzdak Travel Award monies to travel to this city. The a) award amount is $3,000 and b) monies may not be used to offset expenses associated with a formal study abroad program in Milan.


December 2005 Woman's Art Journal Comes To Rutgers


wajcoverThe Department of Art History has assumed co-sponsorship of Woman's Art Journal. Devoted to women artists and to issues related to women in the visual arts, Woman's Art Journal has been published for 25 years, and is indexed in BHA, JStor and ISI among others.

Dr. Joan Marter will be the new co-editor along with longtime WAJ associate editor Margaret Barlow. The new publisher is Old City Publishing, Inc. As it has since 1980, WAJ will be published twice a year, in May and November. WAJ will continue to be made available through JSTOR and all major online indexes.

For inquiries and possible submissions to the journal visit online at For subscriptions to the journal, contact Old City Publishing, Inc.628 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

2004 Forging Memorial Art for Public Memory

On September 12, 2003, the department, The Rutgers University Libraries,
Dean's Office, FAS and the Friends of the Libraries sponsored a symposium
in the Art Library. An exhibit in the Art Library accompanied the event.

memart3a The speakers included (left to right) Meredith Bzdak (Ford Farewell Mills & Gatsch), Franco Minervini (sculptor), Tod Marder (Chair, Art History), Sara Harrington (Art Library), Margaret Kuntz (Drew University) and Carol Sterling (International Sculpture Center)

memart1a Particpants listening near Carol Feuerman's Still Standing 9/11/01 #1


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